10 States Most Addicted to Gambling – Number one is not Vegas

In 2018, a New Jersey Supreme court ruled in favor of the people who would love to legalize sports betting. Also, gambling addiction states in the United States are garnered by different agencies. One of such agencies includes the addiction prevention council. An analysis published on Wallethub depicts the ranking of the states in America. The published piece lays out just how gambling addiction is at its peak in these states. Generally, compulsive gambling costs America a whopping $6 billion annually. Now, this is according to a study carried out by the National Council on Problem Gambling. Here is a list of the top gambling-addicted states in 2020, and yea, you won’t find Vegas on the list.


First on our list should not come as a surprise to you. Each state on this list has state-sponsored agencies whose job is to provide help for all gambling addicts. In Nevada, gambling comes naturally, just as you would think of a skyscraper in New York. The laws in Nevada dictate that the laws regulating casinos, online casinos, gambling, and card games should be followed to the letter. With its population, enforcement has got strengthened. That is as a result of the means of gambling forms that are opening in the state right now.

For gambling addicts who are in search for help, seeking help and treatment is not hard. There are loads of advisory committees in the Nevada Department of Health with one goal: to promote the different committees’ initiatives.


Delaware was not always on the list even though smoking has been made whole again. In 2018, Delaware proposed a system that would allow players to bet on a number of different sports at the top three casinos in the state. Delaware’s authorization of what Gov. John Carney (the governor of the country) described as a vast sports gaming operation.

New Jersey

A year ago, New Jersey ranked seventh on this table. But being consistent with their gambling tradition, they’ve managed to move up the chart. The state’s gambling tradition dates back to the late 60s. The lottery board in the state has played a massive role in their community by funding the education sector in the state. The gambling activity is prevalent in Atlantic City, where casino gambling is a tourist attraction.  

The state’s laws are quite clear when it comes to casino games. In 2013, a bill that got rejected in the past was passed into law, allowing online casino gambling. However, to gamble online or play at physical casinos, you’ve got to be 21 years old. To pay the lottery or place bets on dog or horse races, you’ve got to be 18 years old.

They’ve also made adequate provisions for problem gambling through their New Jersey Casino Control.


West Virginia

West Virginia evolved with the legalization of gambling. Its gambling laws now give access to betting via online sources. That makes it possible to play online casinos without any government restrictions. The emergence of mobile applications and websites have served the bettors in West Virginia well.

The legal age is 18 for racing, lottery, and bingo games. For casino gambling and other lotteries, the legal age is 21 years old.

Right now, there are at least seven casinos in the state. These casinos offer players different gaming machines and friendly games to play in them. In 2017, it made over 600 million dollars through its gaming industry. The revenues were made from various sports such as Lottery, Video Lottery, Racetrack casinos, and resort casinos.

New Mexico

Thanks to a partnership with Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel, the hotel was able to book its first sports bet even though the state had not passed any sports betting legislation. Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel made a gaming compact with the state. New Mexico has had its share of compulsive gambling cases. According to published reports, there are indications that bets will not be permitted on games.


Have you been to Maryland lately? Then you’ve probably seen the new giant casino in downtown Maryland. Is this a clear sign of how gambling is starting to become a part of the culture. Wallethub recognizes the state and as placed it significantly high on its list of states with the highest rate of gambling addiction.


Montana has one of the highest cases of gambling addiction. The state’s Department of Justice provides specific regulations over gambling. These games include:

  • Fishing and natural betting.
  • Video games.
  • Live bingo.
  • Raffles.
  • Fantasy sports games.
  • Casino nights.
  • Live card games.

The state government runs the Montana Lottery, which is a big part of an entire multi-state association. Asides the Department of Justice’s oversight of gaming, the department also uses different outlets to provide sources and treatment opportunities for citizens who have issues struggling with compulsive gambling.


 In 2018, sports gambling was legalized in the state. This was made possible by the Supreme Court in the land. The legalization of gambling ensures that residents can book and place bets in casinos. The fact that there is easy access to gambling online and throughout the state.


Gambling is prevalent in tribal casinos. These casinos pay to the state a specific fee for exclusivity. The revenues gotten from this payment are used for other essential sectors that require a level of development in Oklahoma. You can experience different games such as Sports betting, dog racing, card games, and Racinos (this combines casino and racetrack).

South Dakota

The last state on the list serves more as a tourist attraction due to its gambling tradition thanks to the transformation of Deadwood into a gambling-themed vacation destination. South Dakota is one of the states with the highest number of gambling-related addiction. The Department of Social Services collaborates with local agencies to promote mental health awareness across the states.