Jammin Jars big win

Jammin Jars is a popular slot machine designed by Push Gaming, and it is a unique slot with its eight reels and eight rows. It is packed with sweet popping fruits that reward players with those incredible big wins, especially since a cluster pays slot game. The game’s high return to player and the increased volatility is just waiting on patient players to refill their bankroll with a considerable sum of cash. Look out for those jamming jars slots; they will aid help you with your winning runs.

The game’s theme is disco and fruits, the theme song (background music) is disco-themed, and players have the disco ball shining on a section of the reels. It’s mostly fruits of different kinds that reel. They are different types of fruits which fill up the reels, but there is also the Jam Jar symbol, which we are going to tell you more about it when we have the slot games bonus options. The graphics are easy to navigate, but the symbols are well detailed, and the animations are fantastic. With all it’s colors, Jammin jars are lovely to the human eyes.

As we’ve highlighted in our introduction, Jammin Jars has eight reels with eight rows of symbols, plus no paylines at all. Instead, you’ll win by getting a cluster of five or more symbols adjacent to each other; now imagine the big win if you get many similar marks! When you want to select a bet, you don’t need to choose between many things; you only need to select the bet you want to place as a player. That’s not all; players can bet 0.20 dollars at the least and 100 dollars at the max, which notably makes the slot machine ideal for all players no matter how huge the player’s bankroll is at the end of the day. The game’s return to player percentage is 96.83%. The game’s volatility is relatively high, so players can collect a big win while playing this slot game with the perfect amount of patience.

Before a player can try out jamming jars, we’re sure they want to know about the slot game bonus features. Meanwhile, we’ve checked it out for everyone. There is only one unique symbol in the slot game. If a player gets a Jammin jar that included a winning cluster, it will stay on the game’s reels, and it will have a multiplier that adds 1x on every win the symbol is a part of at the end of the day.

Finally, if a player gets three or more jam jar symbols on the reels, they will be given six free spins, where the wild symbol has similar features as you would with the standard gameplay. Now, imagine the type of multipliers you’ll get and which big wins you can cash in while playing the free games on Jammin jars. The jam jar symbol is both wild and scatters in Jammin jars, and it can also give you both multipliers, free spins, and it can replace other symbols to help you win more.