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New Haven, Rocky Hill, Portland, Middletown, CT 06510 Description:

Discover the real Jurassic Parks of the Connecticut Valley—one of the most important sites in the history of dinosaur science! This new guidebook shows you how to follow in the actual footsteps of real dinosaurs and explore sites made famous by world-renowned paleontologists, trips dinosaur fans will love. All within an afternoon’s drive if not right down the road.

Includes descriptions of Connecticut Valley dinosaur footprints including the state fossil, Eubrontes, as well as Grallator, Anomoepus and Otozoum. Includes accounts of the discoveries of bones of Anchisaurus, Ammosaurus, Podokesaurus, Coelophysis and other reptiles. Based on historical accounts and interviews with the leading paleontologists at work in the Connecticut Valley today.

Descriptions of Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, and of dinosaur fossils at the Peabody Museum in New Haven, sites in Portland and Middletown, the Mt. Tom footprints in the northern stretches of the Connection valley in Massachusetts, and more.

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