Tourism Industry Services

General Contact Information

Executive Office:
Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
One Financial Plaza
755 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: 860-256-2800

Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Executive and Division Directors

  • Jennifer Aniskovich, Executive Director
    Phone: 860-256-2800
  • An-Ming Truxes, Arts Division Director
    Phone: 860-256-2800
  • Paul Loether, Historic Preservation & Museum Division Director
    Phone: 860-566-3005
  • Heidi Hamilton, Film Division Director
    Phone: 860-256-2800

Tourism Division Postal address:
Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Tourism Division
One Financial Plaza
755 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 270-8080

(860) 270-8077

Electronic mail
Tourism Webmaster

Industry Specific E-Newsletter
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Connecticut Open House Day 2006
June 10, 2006

Participating Properties
Connecticut Open House Day Handbook 2006
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 237KB)

Connecticut Open House Day
Participating Property Agreement Form
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 287KB)

Connecticut Open House Day
Payroll Stuffer Form
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 10KB)

Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism’s
Strategic Plan

Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Strategic Plan 2005-2008
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 405KB)

Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism’s
Strategic Plan – Tourism Division

Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Tourism Division-Strategic Plan 2005-2006
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 289KB)

CONNECTICUT Creative Marketing Campaign
Branding Guidelines

CONNECTICUT Branding Guidelines
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 437KB)

Connectictut Vacation Guide and Culture Guide
Listing Guidelines

Connecticut Vacation Guide Listing Guidelines
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 306KB)

Connecticut Culture Guide Listing Guidelines
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 296KB)

Event Listing Survey Form
Deadline April 17, 2006!
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 410KB)

Connecticut Tourism Industry
Scholarship/Grant 2005

Connecticut Tourism Industry Scholarship/Grant Application
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 101KB)
Application Deadline is September 30, 2005

Connecticut Literature Distribution Service

Literature Distribution Program Guidelines and Application Form
(In Adobe Acrobat Format – 126KB)

2001 Economic Impact of Connecticut’s Travel and Tourism Industry

2001 Economic Impact – Executive Summary
(Acrobat Format – 205KB)

2001 Economic Impact – Full Report
(Acrobat Format – 654KB)

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Tourism Staff & Services

The following is a list of staff members within the Tourism Division with each members individual area of service expertise.

Tourism Division Director

  • Administration
  • Personnel
  • Legislation
  • New England Regional
  • Interagency Liaison
  • Policy
  • New Product Development
  • Budget
  • State/National Liaison
  • Press Liaison
  • Film Commission Executive Director

Marketing Director
Barbara Cieplak, (860) 256-2745, e-mail

  • Marketing Program
  • Tourism Research
  • Program Coordination & Evaluation
  • Major Travel Associations, Interests
  • Strategic Development for Tourism
  • PR – In/out of State
  • Special Promotions
  • Support Services

Leigh Johnson, Administrative Assistant, (860) 256-2748, e-mail

  • Office coordination
  • Contract processing and Control
  • File Central
  • CCT Support
  • Support Services Coordination
  • Response Coordination

Richard Emonds, Senior Development Agent, (860) 256-2746, e-mail

  • Special Projects Co-ordinator
  • Industry Outreach

Robert Damroth, Processing Technician, (860) 256-2749, e-mail

  • Electronic Inquiries Intake
  • Tourism Statistics Compilation
  • AV Equipment Control
  • Research Inquiries Fulfillment
  • Tourism Webmaster
  • Office Software Support

Creative, Publications, Special Events Development
Robert Gregson, (860) 256-2740, e-mail

  • Creative Review
  • Publication Supervision & Production
  • Audio-Visuals/Material Development
  • In-House Graphic Design
  • Photography/ Image Supervision
  • Publication editing
  • Major Special Events Assistance
  • Internet Development

Jean Hebert, (860) 256-2739, e-mail

  • Editor, CT Vacation Guide and Special Event Calendar
  • Publication Information and Editing

Sales Domestic/International
Joyce Fredericks, (860) 256-2743, e-mail

  • Travel Trade Sales
  • Group Tour Sales
  • Trade Shows
  • Convention/Meeting Asst.
  • Auto Club Liaison

Business Development/Economic Cluster, Hospitality & Fulfillment Services
Rosemary Bove, (860) 256-2725, e-mail

  • Information and Welcome Center program Supervision
  • Tourism Liaison with DECD Cluster Division
  • Business/DECD/CDA Liaison
  • Industry Assistance
  • Fulfillment Program Supervision
  • Database Administration
  • Postal Control & Supervision
  • Hospitality Info. Coordination

Carole Gittings, (860) 256-2747, e-mail

  • Literature System

Rena Calcaterra, (860) 256-2744, e-mail

  • Challenge Grant Program
  • Historic Assets Grant
  • Liaison Connecticut Humanities Council
  • Conference and Educational Development
  • Association/Committee/
  • Regional Business Liaison

Welcome/Visitor Information Program

  • Mary Ellen Baranowsky, Welcome Center Coordinator, e-mail
    Danbury Ctr. (203) 731-2840, fax (203) 731-2841
  • Dominic Carew, Welcome Center Coordinator, e-mail
    Darien Ctr. (203) 655-8289
    Greenwich Ctr. (203) 531-1902
  • Steve Holthausen, Welcome Center Coordinator, e-mail
    North Stonington Ctr. (860) 599-2056, Westbrook Ctr. (860) 399-8122
  • Walter Desruisseau, West Willington Ctr. (860) 429-5602
  • Laura Kramer, West Willington Ctr. (860) 429-5602
  • Alfred Strong, Jr., North Stonington Ctr. (860) 599-2056
  • Mark Wendheiser, Store Keeper Assistant, (860) 256-2750
    • In-Office Inventories
    • In-House Fulfillment Packaging
    • Traffic
    • Receiving