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Special For Southbury Hilton Hotel

Date: 10/28/2005 – 12/31/2006 Location: 1284 Strongtown Rd.
Southbury, CT 06488 For more reservations/information:Southbury Hilton 1284 Strongtown Rd Southbury, Ct 06488 For reservations call 1 866 341-4775 Special:Bounceback! Description: With all you do everyday, isn’t it time to take a well deserved break? Have fun, explore, eat–or just relax and do nothing at all…. Start your day with our country breakfast buffet. Enjoy fresh fruits, flaky croissants, and a fluffy omelette in our Arrowhead restaurant. We will pamper you with our delightful turn down service, fluff your pillows and hold your calls. We’ll do everything but tuck you in! -Overnight Accommodations -Breakfast Buffet -Antique Key -Box of Chocolate’s Starting at $119.00 Back