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The Travel Planner offers great features for planning your next trip to Connecticut. There is a list of many unforgetable events and attractions.

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Zippy the Pinhead's Connecticut

  1. Start on Rte. 1 in Darien, at one of the few remaining architecturally correct Carvel outlets in the Northeast. After a solemn dawn worship ceremony at the vintage rooftop Giant Vanilla Cone, Zippy indulges in three Flying Saucers and a strawberry sundae.
  2. Then it's on to "Swanky Frank's", Rte. 1, Norwalk. After a few chili dogs, Zippy uses a defective bullhorn to declare the immediate vicinity of the restaurant a "Bess Eaton-free zone" and tools off to nearby "Stew Leonard's-The World's Largest Dairy Store", where employees stroll down the aisles dressed as cows, chicken and ducks. Zippy pays his respects to the audio-animatronic singing milk carton before purchasing a cake topped with an edible photo of Connecticut Governor, John Rowland.
  3. Next on Zippy's fun itinerary is the enormous Muffler Man in front ...

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