Connecticut Bound: 52 Weekend Getaways

17. Zippy the Pinhead’s Connecticut

  1. Start on Rte. 1 in Darien, at one of the few remaining architecturally correct Carvel outlets in the Northeast. After a solemn dawn worship ceremony at the vintage rooftop Giant Vanilla Cone, Zippy indulges in three Flying Saucers and a strawberry sundae.
  2. Then it’s on to ‘Swanky Frank’s’, Rte. 1, Norwalk. After a few chili dogs, Zippy uses a defective bullhorn to declare the immediate vicinity of the restaurant a ‘Bess Eaton-free zone’ and tools off to nearby ‘Stew Leonard’s-The World’s Largest Dairy Store’, where employees stroll down the aisles dressed as cows, chicken and ducks. Zippy pays his respects to the audio-animatronic singing milk carton before purchasing a cake topped with an edible photo of Connecticut Governor, John Rowland.
  3. Next on Zippy’s fun itinerary is the enormous Muffler Man in front of ‘Surplus Unlimited’ on Rte. 82 in Norwich. Zippy commiserates with the big guy over the loss of his muffler (it’s been replaced with a flag) and then it’s just a quick bounce to the Giant Bowling Pin in front of the Norwich Ten Pin Bowl on West Town St. Here Zippy seeks spiritual guidance from the Big Pin and a resolution to the eternal question: how do you overcome a seven-ten split and still remember to hand in your bowling shoes before you leave?
  4. Finally dinner at – where else? – Zip’s Diner in Dayville. Here Zippy recommends eating one’s meal in reverse order– Coconut Cream Pie first, then the French-dipped Reuben, followed by a small dinner salad and a glass of ice water. Time to retire to the nearest Motel 6 and think about the ‘Moodus Noises’ until blissful sleep arrives at last.

DRIVING TIP: Approximate driving distance between furthest points is 119 miles.

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