Connecticut Bound: 52 Weekend Getaways

1. Mark Twain’s Connecticut

  1. Immerse yourself in Mark Twain’s time. The Mark Twain House (c.1874) 351 Farmington Ave., Hartford, I-84 Exit 46-the site of his happiest time- has rare Louis Comfort Tiffany interiors. Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, lived next door. Tour both Victorian houses. Then be sure to see the firearms collection of Twain’s friend, manufacturer Sam Colt, at the Museum of Connecticut History, 231 Capitol Ave. Cruise the Connecticut River on the Mark Twain, a triple-deck riverboat.
  2. Then visit the Cheney Homestead in Manchester, I-383 Exit 3, to see great grandfather clocks and remnants of the silk industry.
  3. Take I-84 west to scenic Redding where the Twain family summered and visit the Mark Twain Memorial Library which he started.

DRIVING TIP: Approximate driving distance between 1 & 3 are 60 miles.

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