Connecticut Bound: Special Events

29th Annual “50<>50: The Craft Contiuum” Region: Northwestern Location: Brookfield Craft Center
Rte. 25
Brookfield, CT 06804 Date: August 22-Oct. 10 Time: Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5. Description: A very special “50th Anniversay Show” curated by the staff of the Center features works by 60-plus craft artists who have played a significant role in the nationally recognized, non-profit organization’s history, growth and success. The selected work showcases the first 50 years of the Center’s educational programming which “promotes and preserves the skills and values of fine craftsmanship and good design.” Admission: Free. Phone: (203) 775-4526 URL: Brookfield’s Weather Map of Brookfield Find additional places to stay or things to do that are within the Brookfield area Where to Stay What to do within 5 miles within 10 miles within 25 miles within 5 miles within 10 miles within 25 miles