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HARTFORD, CT, September 28, 2004 - Although late September through early November are the prime months for leaf peeping season in Connecticut, travelers interested in planning a getaway during the state's peak fall foliage season can schedule a trip the week of October 10 - 17, give or take a few days, according to the Connecticut State Forester Donald Smith Jr.

"Connecticut's trees and forests won't disappoint leaf peeping seekers with its mix of tree and shrub species, which create a fall color palette that is world-renowned," said Smith. "And since Connecticut is unique in that fall foliage lasts through early November, leaf peepers can plan their getaway accordingly, during the next couple of months, and still expect to see vibrant fall colors before and after the peak season in various corners and areas throughout the state."

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection regularly updates its fall foliage website at www.dep.state.ct.us/updates/foliage/foliage.htm. In addition, visitors can log onto www.ctfoliage.com to vote for their favorite fall foliage locations throughout Connecticut and for up-to-date fall color reports given by other travelers.

And for those that are interested in learning why leaves change and what makes them bright in color, Smith has an understandable explanation based on simple science. According to Smith, the progression of the leaves' color change is favored by cool (but not freezing) nights, and bright, sunny days. Cool evenings retard the transport of sugars from the leaves downward into the trees. When sugars are trapped in the leaf better colors result.

To find great autumn getaway package deals in Connecticut, travelers can visit the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism's website at www.ctbound.org and click onto Specials. With one simple click, a list appears highlighting some of the hottest deals around the state. All essential information - including a description of the package, dates of availability and contact information - is clearly outlined, plus some direct links are provided to each individual property and attraction mentioned in the package. For itineraries already created by the state log onto www.ctbound.org and select from one of the 52 Getaways or for additional information on scenic fall foliage drives throughout Connecticut.

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