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Connecticut's Tourism Director Receives National Award and Is Re-elected to National Leadership Position

Edward Dombroskas to lead the nation's tourism directors in revitalizing the US tourism industry

Hartford, CT - October 15, 2002 - Edward Dombroskas, executive director of the Connecticut Office of Tourism - Department of Economic and Community Development, was recently honored with two accolades. Mr. Dombroskas was awarded the "Tourism Director of the Year", an honor that holds national prestige and respect in the tourism industry. The award was announced at the closing ceremony during the National Council of State Tourism Directors (NCSTD) 2002 annual meeting and Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO). All State and United States Territory tourism directors nominate and vote to choose the colleague they believe most deserving of the award due to their leadership in the tourism industry in the United States.

Citing a "huge vote of confidence" in his leadership fellow state tourism directors also re-elected Mr. Dombroskas to chair the National Council of State Tourism Directors for a second consecutive term. The National Council is an association of the tourism directors in the 50 states and the five United States territories, and a Council of the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA), the non-profit organization representing all components of the U.S. travel industry.

James Abromaitis, Commissioner of Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development, commented: "Ed's re-election and this award recognize the work he has done to benefit the tourism industry in Connecticut. They also recognize the prominence Connecticut has achieved in national tourism. In raising the profile of Connecticut to a national level, we hope to spur continued interest and growth in our state's overall economic development."

These honors have great significance for Connecticut; Mr. Dombroskas' national leadership role and his appointment to chair the National Council acknowledge him as a national expert in the tourism industry. These awards also provide an opportunity for Connecticut tourism leaders to set national policy and influence the direction and efforts of the Council and TIA.

"It is fitting and appropriate that Ed was re-elected to chair the National Council of State Tourism Directors and awarded with Tourism Director of the Year by his peers. Ed is dedicated to this industry and to its future success. Today, the tourism industry is facing incredibly demanding challenges and Ed is out there every day playing a leadership role as the industry develops strategies to overcome these hurdles," said William S. Norman, President and CEO of the Travel Industry Association of America.

As chair of the National Council, Mr. Dombroskas will represent the 50 states and five territories in a board-level position at the TIA. As chair, Mr. Dombroskas will work on developing a three-year strategic plan for the National Council of State Tourism Directors and establishing professional development groups within the National Council.

Mr. Dombroskas is a thirty-year veteran of Connecticut government. He joined the department of Economic and Community Development fourteen years ago as Senior Operating Officer and has served as Executive Director of the Office of Tourism for the past eleven years. During his tenure as Executive Director, the tourism industry has grown into a well-recognized and important contributor to the Connecticut economy. Mr. Dombroskas has introduced cooperative programs between the state and private industry partners, coordinating over $1 million annually of additional resources to support tourism. Under his leadership, travel and tourism have been among the fastest growing segments of the state's economy, averaging 8 percent growth each year.

The Travel Industry Association of America has been in existence since 1941 and is the recognized leader in promoting and facilitating increased travel to and within the United States in order to make America the world's number one tourism destination. TIA accomplishes its objectives by providing an array of marketing programs, forums and research publications that provide opportunities for all components of the industry, both small and large.

The Connecticut Office of Tourism's strategic mission is to make tourism an even more important contributor to the overall economic development of Connecticut, to enhance the perception of Connecticut as a vacation destination to a broader audience, and to work in full partnership with the Connecticut business community.

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