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52 Weekend Getaways
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52 Great Getaways

Here are some easy two- and three-day getaways designed for couples, families and folks with special interests. We hope they will help you get more fun out of your precious leisure time. No matter the season, there's always lots to do in Connecticut.

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Back Roads to Brooklyn

  1. Catch a theatrical performance at the Bradley Playhouse in Putnam. Next morning, enjoy a country style breakfast and then visit the antique haven of the northeast in Putnam.
  2. You can't pass up the chance to tour the Roseland Cottage in Woodstock
  3. and the Prudence Crandall House, Rte. 169, Canerbury - two historic sites that are a must see!
  4. Continue to Pomfret and stop by Sharpe Hill Vineyard for a leisure lunch at the base of the vineyard. If you want to see a spectacular view, hike up the vineyard to the...

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