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Taylor Owen
Samuel Staples School, Easton
1st Place-Division 5


Yale University is the place you ought to visit if you come to Connecticut. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful colleges ever built and it is located in the heart of New Haven. After visiting Yale you could pop in at one of the oldest brick oven pizza places called Pepe's and enjoy a nice slice of pizza.

I recommend you go to Yale because it is one of the best colleges in the state. Its so good about 11,250 students attend Yale. Yale University has been a part of the New Haven community for three centuries. Each year Yale draws over 550,000 visitors to New Haven an you could be next!

Did I mention what a beautiful campus it is? It is loaded with old statutes of scholars and the architecture of each building is breathtaking. If you would like to look inside the art school at Yale there are many exhibits you can enjoy. One on display is British art which is quite interesting I might add.

Yale University it is located right in the heart of New Haven which is called Sherman's Green. What's around it you ask? About blocks and blocks of stores, restaurants and souvenir shops. Can't go to Yale just buy a sweatshirt in the store and say you did anyway!

Its hard to pass up all the great restaurants along the way but the trip is definitely worth it to Pepe's. It makes brick oven pizza the old fashioned way. People wait in line forever but once you get in your happy your there.

So come to Yale University, see how beautiful it is, do some shopping, visit the galleries and eat some good old pizza. I know I will again and again!


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