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Anne Troy
Greenwich Catholic School, Greenwich
1st Place-Division 2

Mianus River Park

The Mianus River Park is an amazing place. It is a natureal park with hiking trails, hills and swamps. It is a beautiful setting and a well kept secret located righ in our backyards. Twenty thousand years ago the valley was formed by a glacier that scoured it out. It was once farmland and known as the town of Bangall. If you are ever there you might see stone fences and stone walls that marked boundaries of the people's farms ove 100 years ago. Dr. Robert T. Morris use to own much of the land there.

The Mianus River Park is located in Greenwich and Stamford and is 220 acres split almost evenly between the two cities. There is a variety of wildlife and soggy wetlands and little steams, as well as rocky hillsides. The Mianus River runs along one corner of the park. There are 29 types of trees in the park. The sunlight filters through the tall trees. The wooded swamp area grows red maple trees. Over 125 species of birds have been observed in the park including owls, woodpeckers, yellow warbles, and red eyed vireos. You can hear birds chirping and frogs croaking as you walk along the quiet paths. The common animals in the park are chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, deer, red foxes, raccoons and rabbits. The wetlands have amphibians such as turtles, salamanders, and frogs and reptiles such as snakes. Rarely, you might see otters or weasels in the park. The highest point in the park is 270 feet. People who walk there are respectful of the park keep it clean.

There are many hiking trails throughout the park. Cars are not allowed. You can see were your going by the marks of color on some of the trees. With your family, you can hike, walk your dog, or climb on the big rocks or over logs. You can even fish if you have a permit. It is a good place to spend time with family. I enjoy listening to the birds chirp while hiking or walking my dog. My dog likes to jump into the river and run around through the trees chasing the squirrels. It is as much fun for my dog as me. I like to meet and pet the other dogs we see. It is nice place no matter what season of the year. It is very peaceful and beautiful. I recommend wearing boots if it is rainy or in the winter because there my be mud or snow around. But in the other seasons its fine to wear sneakers. Get back to Mother Nature and visit the park soon.


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