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Reed Carter
All Saints Catholic School, Norwalk
1st Place-Division 1

Silvermine Tavern

If you ever want to visit a great place in Connecticut, come to the Silvermine Tavern in Norwalk. I think the Silvermine Tavern is very unique. There are so many fun things to do. If you like penny candy, live jazz, great food, and a beautiful view over the river, Silvermine Tavern is right for you. The best thing about the Silvermine Tavern is when you get there you don't have to leave because there are eight hotel rooms upstairs.

The Silvermine area got its name from early settlers who came because people thought there was silver here. Unfortunately there never was the silver that they had hoped. They stayed anyway and made a nice village with a post office, grocery store, and the tavern. There is a story that George Washington visited the Silvermine Tavern once. He did not stay there at night in case it was attacked. He stayed in a small house nearby that was painted pink. People say there is a secret underground tunnel from the pink house to the tavern so Washington could escape if he had to.

The Silvermine Tavern is made up of five buildings. The tavern itself, the old mill by the waterfall, the coach house (where they made alcohol during prohibition), and a gatehouse that has been made part of the tavern, and the country store. The oldest tavern buildings were once owned by Henry Guthrie, an Englishman who arrived here in 1846. He operated a shipyard and 3 waterpower mills along local rivers. Since the 1950's, it has been owned by the Whitman family.

There are lots of historical places surrounding the Silvermine Tavern. Like the Silvermine Art Guild, Silvermine market, the old pink house (that's not pink anymore), a glass house and of course the llama farm. It is filled with interesting antiques and old tools hanging on all the walls. They have great food, and the breakfast is the best. It is a buffet so you can have all you want to eat. The stick buns are famous. Some nights they have jazz bands come in and play. It is cool.

The Silvermine Tavern is an important part of the community. At Christmas, they have Santa come on an old firetruck and hand out presents for the kids. Everybody stands in the big parking lot and has hot chocolate while they wait for Santa to come. Hundreds of people stand around in the cold but don't even mind it because they are all friends. You have to see it to believe it.

If you want to see the tavern before you visit, you can go to their website and learn all about the history of Silvermine. There are lots of great stories like when a drunk guy blew up the country store on the Fourth of July. You can also see a little bit of the tavern in a movie called "The Object of My Affection" with Jennifer Aniston. It was filmed at the tavern a few years ago. The movie producers had the tavern paint the old pink shutters dark green and they never painted them back.

Silvermine is a great place to visit. It is easy to get to and you can even take the train from New York City and get a cab ride to the tavern if you want. It is quiet, peaceful, and fun and I can almost promise there won't be any more explosions.


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